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Search For People Free With Google-Yahoo-Bing

Search engines had been very useful, even up to now. These search engines helped in making thesis papers into fruition, through research. They also aided the restoration of shaking families in to a social unit filled with love, through advices. But then, they are also important in search for people, free of any charges.

What are search engines? They are tools designed or engineered to find information on the World Wide Web. The search results are algorithmically presented in a well ordered list. So, when you are researching about "The Seven Virtues of Bushido", the first ones are highly related to the topic, which you had typed a few seconds ago.

The first search engine is Archie, where it stands for the term archive, without the letter V. In here, it is only able to do a file transfer protocol, more commonly known as FTP. However, Archie is unable to index the contents of a website, which is its very important limitation.

Later on, websites like Jughead and Veronica, which are loosely patterned to Archie came into picture in 1991. They were more advanced and can still perform operations, which are similar to that of Archie. Personally speaking, I find that these web designers or creators have an El Nino of creativity, just basing these names on the common, Archie comics.

Anyway, the mid-90's show the rise of known search engines like Lycos, Altavista and Ask Jeeves. The year 1998 saw the launching of the world renowned Google. Other websites like Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and Bing were launched in the 21st century. But then, I still prefer Google over these search engines.

Now, how can you find people in these search engines? You can just type one person's name, and in a snap, you will have those search results, which are arranged in an orderly manner. Once you click one of those search results, you will be automatically linked to the mentioned website, which hosts such information.

In my case, this had been very helpful in contacting one person. I had been very busy with my research about cats, and then, I just need to contact this professor in South America. I just typed his name in Google and there, I was able to take a hold of email address.

However, there are websites like Wink, Pipl and 123 People, which are highly modified to do people search.

Learn more on Search for People Free.

Learning more about people search through FinderMind is a good idea, before you go for people search.

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